Sunday, November 20, 2011


I adore the Danish model Feja Beha. She just has something speciel. Many of you knows who she is, but I wanted to show you all what beautiful pictures she take.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I love the Olsen twins style. It's awesome. Not only do they know how to dress, they also know how to design. They designed the brands The Row and Elizabeth&James, now they are up for something new; a t-shirt brand called Stylemint. I have to say - these girls are amazing. Find your style with the the youtube video. It's brilliant:)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do you colour?

1. Jacket// Monki/ 50€  2. Hat// Monki/ 12€  3. Clutch// Phillip Lim/ 175$  4. Boots// Jeffery Cambell/ 880DKR  5. Dress// Cos/ 125€  6. Cardigan// Topshop/ 48pund  7. Bag//The Cambrigde Satchel Company/ 935DKR  8. Shoes// Dune/ 710DKR  9. Shirt// Monki/ 30€  10. Iphone case// Monki/ 6€  11. Belt// Asos/ 59DKR  12. Shoes// Converse/80€  13. Bag// Meredith Wendell/ 795$  14. Belt// Double Blue/ 44DKR  15. T.shirt// Monki/7,5€  16. Bag// Asos/ 544 DKR  17. Trousers// Topshop/ 130pund  18. Clutch// YSL/ 3315 DKR  19. Cardigan// Topshop/ 80pund  20. Belt// JCCREW/ 215DKR  21. Jeans// Topshop/ 38pund  22. Bag// Proenza Schoulder/ 2350$  23. Knit// Cos/ 49€  24. Shoes// Giuseppe Zanotti/ 3825DKR

Monday, November 7, 2011

Danish Music Awards 2011

Jumpsuit// Sophie Lee  Wedges// H&M  Bag// Alexander Wang  Belt// By Petrine  Ring// Blond
 I had the pleasure of covering DMA 2011 for Tjeck Magazine. I was a great evening with a lot of fun at the show and the afterparty. So fun, that I didn't have time to take photos. This is the only photo of me, from that evening. 
Sophie was so sweet to let me borrow this jumpsuit, which is a sample from her collection. I just love it! What do you think?

Szirley/ Dress// Asos  Bag// Mulberry

Sisse Marie/ Dress// Gestuz

My sweet assistent or colleague, as she prefer, Julie, was the best help I could ask for that night. She was the greatest. Thank you Julie!

Clara Sofie/ Dress// Vintage Money Shoes// Jill Sander 

Stillettos/ Everything from Stacia

Medina/ Dress// Malene Birger Shoes// Chanel

 Christiane Schaumberg Müller/ Dress// Rikke Gudnitz

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What else?

I JUST GOT my favorite neckless, and I love it! We used it on a shoot for the magazine, and I just couldn't stop thinking about it. My boyfriend came home with the lovely surprise yesterday. Thanks Baby<3

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Work with me, Baby

New in

I bought these a couple of weeks ago from H&M and I just love them! I can wear them a whole night with no pain in my feets. They're really tall but yeah - no problem at all. WEDGES, you're my hero<3

I saw these last season, but I didn't buy them because I wasn't sure. Now, that I saw them in the Acne Outlet store, I had to get them, and I really love having them on. They're warmer than normal leggins, so perfect for the cold winter here in Denmark.

These I saw when I was in Stockholm last month, but they didn't have them in my size. Lucky for me, I asked the Acne Outlet on Elmegade if they had them, and yes! One pair left and they was in my size! YAY! It's python snake. Never owned a snake before. I think... Not sure.

These highwaisted trousers is amazing. Normally I'm not into the snake thing, but I tried them on, just to see, and BOOM! I had to buy them. Haven't used them yet though. I'm afraid the will break or something. They're are thin.

I bought this body on ASOS, and it's sooo adorable.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Elmegade has is all!

Elmegade in Nørrebro has become very popular over the last year, and most locals knows where it is and what the street has to offer, and yet maybe not, because a lot of them still goes shopping in the inner city, which is sad when you can find so many great stores on just one street.


Dress// Carin Wester 1299 DKR
Dress// Wackerhaus 2299 DKR
Knit// Norse Projects 1299 DKR

Goggle has three stores on Elmegade. Goggle +21 who is having shoes, Goggle PRIM which has clothes in a slightly higher price range and then Goggle which is cheaper than Goggle PRIM, but also sells clothing. I was in all three, but chose only to snap photos from PRIM as it was there they had the largest selection of clothing.

Goggle stores are super cool! PRIM was my favorite because they sell some of my favorite brands, such as Carin Wester and Wackerhaus.

The stores are owned by two men who started with just one store on the street, and then developed it to three stores. As far as I can tell, it is a very popular store, and I understand why. The cozy atmosphere and the owners themselves who is behind the disk. That's what makes Goggle pop up on my list of favorite stores. I had never been there before, but I found so many things in all of the stores that I'm sure to visit again when my next shopping spree begins.

Elmegade 3
2200 Copenhagen N

Goggle PRIM
Elmegade 3
2200 Copenhagen N

Goggle +21
Elmegade 38
2200 Copenhagen N

Goggle PRIM
+45 3537 6049


Sweater// RADICAL ZOO 1000 DKR
Blazer// RADICAL ZOO 900 DKR

Behind RADICAL ZOO is the designer couple Tilde and Jonas who together have created RADICAL ZOO to be Elmegade fashionzoo. And yes, it is a ZOO. With something for everyone and a lot of fun prints, it is a jungle to be in.

Besides having their own brand (RADICAL ZOO), the basement shop also has brands like American Vintage and The Local Firm.

Behind the counter you'll find Tilde who guides you through the jungle of great items of brands and the jewelry is as beautiful as they look like promoting up upon checkout. Radical ZOO is a great shop where you can find many things you simply must own. I will definitely come again!

Elmegade 19
2200 Copenhagen N

+45 3214 1208


Cape// In Her Closet 1150 DKR
Body Stocking// Sophia Lee 599 DKR
Skirt// Froks 399 DKR

Fünf means 5 in German, and it is no wonder that the store has chosen this name, because there are 5 designers in one store, namely Sophia Lee, Em Fau, In Her Closet, Froks and Tolsing. Some designers sit in the back of the store and make their designs, while others also have their own shop somewhere else.

I love stores like this, becuse you're sure to find something that others don't not. Several times I have been tempted by the colors and the clothes in the window and gone down in Fünf to see if there was something "I just stood and lacked" and several times I have bought me poor. The designers collections are so much me and will alyays buy for a few extra 100 DKR down there, cause I know that if I've found something that I must have, I can not help but think about it all the time the next month.

The sweet shop assistants in the store will gladly help you find what you are looking for and I have no doubt that they know their store and quality inside and out.

Elmegade 2, Basement to the left
2200 Copenhagen N

+45 35371380