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I went to Værnedamsvej after receiving a number of recommendations, especially from my friend Caroline. She has plagued me for 3 days to go there and shoot some pictures, cause Værnedamsvej is ih, oh so nice. And yes, it is damn nice. With all the small shops, cafes and restaurants is Værnedamsvej the new IT street. I came, I saw, I took pictures and chatted with the owners of the various shops. Here is the guide to Værnedamsvej.


Shirt/ Jagd Petrovski 799,-
I thought that this shirt from Jagd Petrovski was so cute! I really want it.

Shirt/ Designermarket, From Lou 499,-
I wanna use this shirt with some high waisted jeans. It's really adorable!

Sweater/ Em Fau 699,-
I loved the blue color that this sweater had. I need for the winter.

When you enter Shop. you'll first and foremost meet, the relaxed atmosphere that is in the room with the sumptuous decor. There's no doubt that this is something the four owners have thought about alot. The clothes on the racks are in color order, while the jewelry hanging in branches and placed on tree stumps. The interior style is raw and natural in a cool way like the clothes.

The four designers behind shop. Stine Alslev (Jagd Petrovski), Maja Haar (Miss), Mie (Em Fau) and Isabella Molberg (Molberg). Each of them have their own brand which is also available in the store, Isabella Molberg design "Molberg" is not in the store until some time in November.

The emphasis is on quality and service above all limits and as Stine (one of the owners) said, "If you're missing something, then we'll there right away!". Yes, hyperbole promotes understanding, but the girls really is serviceminded. Among other things, the girls  offers to the clothes for you for free. So if you for example is a size 40 at the bottom and a 36 in the upper part they will happily sew in or out for your body targets.

The store is one of the nicest shops I've ever seen, and there are many super exciting things and fun decorations.

Værnedamsvej 3A, 1819 Frederiksberg C
+45 3322 0016


Jakobi is the cozy little Italian / French shop on Værnedamsvej where you find the best leather, which the owner Amir has hand-picked on his travels to Europe's southern fashion cities like Paris and Milan.

I went into the Jakobi when I heard the pleasant French music and saw all leather bags placed on the shelves. It was a bit like going to the markets in Milan, where the highest quality of leather goods are sold.

Jakobi primarily sells no clothes, but as a former knitwear designer Amir is, he can't resist everything, and buys what he think could be good for the shop.

The former Friis & Company design chief's emphasis on the fine leather bags and to buy only one thing of each, so when there is nothing left it's sold out.

The shop is closed 3-4 days every other month, so Amir can go to the fashion fairs in southern Europe to find inspiration and bags etc. to Jackobi.

There is not only bags and clothing in the store, but also jewelry, hats, shoes and much more. So if you are near by Værnedamsvej give it a shot. It is really nice and gives you an experience of south Europe.

Værnedamsvej 7, 1819 Frederiksberg C
+45 3810 6233


Dress/ Day Birger Et Mikkelsen 900,-
This dress was so pretty! I can combine it with everything in my wardrobe. But my favorite look would be with my Acne Hybria boots and a cool blazer.

Trousers/ AJ.117 Project 1000,-
They are AMAZING! You can use these during the week and in the weekend you can spice them up with some high heels, a tee and maybe a blazer. (They were my favorite item)

Skirt/ BZR Bruuns Bazar 700,-
I just started to wear skirts, and this one is pretty cool. It has so many cool details, which I believe is important so it doesn't look like all the other black skirts.

Madam My is the hippest store on the corner of Værnedamsvej and Gl. Kongevej. With brands such as Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Rützou, Vero Moda and Selected Femme, is the shop the best known on Værnedamsvej. You are always greeted by the sweet, smiling sales assistants who really wants to help you find something in Madam My's large selection of clothing and shoes. 

The large store has filled the stands up to the trench and gets new items home everyday.

The shop is very relaxed, and with their hugh fittingroom you totally want to try the clothes on (I'm pretty happy with large fittingroom, since I don't feel so stuffy their).

Madam My has something for everyone. There's the feminine, the raw, the bohemian and more relaxed look. They just have something for every occasions.

I have several times been to Madam My just to buy a pair of cheaper pants, cause I know that this shop has very different kind of prices. This is also due to the many different brands they sell, but Madam My has presumed to put all our "must-go-in" stores into one store.

Gl. Kongevej 85, 1850 Frederiksberg C
+45 3331 0113

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