Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Why not give you my 10 pair of my favorite shoes this season? When I left to live in Copenhagen I had 200 pair of shoes. Yes, yes and yes! I really loooove shoes. Sometimes even more than I love my boyfriend. Okay - that's mean. But shoes never let you down. They will always be there when you need them, and you will never go out without them.

So here it is ladies!

Hunter/ 799,-

I know that these are pretty old, but please - if you don't already have them, it woukd be a good investment. 

Gucci/ 3354,-
 I simply just fell in love with these classic Gucci heels. They're elegante, they're black, they are everything

Burberry Prorsum/ 5172,-

These wedges are amazing. AND you can use them even when it's cold.
KG/ 1337,-

I love biker boots, and I really want something like these. They're so cool and you can wear them to jeans and even dresses.

Asos/ 244,-

Loafers are in, and I love these. They are different from other, because of the color

Burberry Prorsum/ 5105,-
I need to have these! I wanna use them with shorts or a short dress.
Asos/ 187,-
I thought that these had a pretty fun color, so why not? I own alot of black stuff, but I really like the sharp colors to make a color blog on the black.

Pedro Garcia/ 3350,-

Are you ready to paaaarty? With these, you would without a doubt get noticed.
Minnetonka/ 918,-

I've always been a fan of the indian inspired boots, and these with wool will be warm for the long winther here in Denmark

Sam Edelman/ 1092,-
If you saw my wishlidt, you saw these. I really really want them, and I think they're fabulous to walk in.

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