Thursday, September 29, 2011

E-BAY - You are my hero

Have you ever bought something on Ebay? If not then hurry up and get going! I am HUGE fan of Ebay, because many of the things there's sold there are never used. I've bought stuff from Ebay since 2007, and found things like a silver fox fur for just 100$ (there were still price tag in it), jewelry and shoes. Converse shoes is probably the shoe I've bought the most, when they are available for just 10$. I love Converse. Especially when I have to go up and down the streets in the big cities.

You can get everything from Ebay. If you just own a little bit of patience it's just about to swing your mouse over the web and type You will not regret it.

I've been watching this clutch, which I thought would be super nice as a blog color to all of my black clothes
Clutch/ 12.99 USD

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