Saturday, October 15, 2011

The shop on Valdemarsgade

Valdemarsgade is next to Oenschlægersgade and has this environment. It's a side street to Istedgade where everything can happen.

Ring// 950 DKR

Earrings// 1400 DKR

Studs// 750 DKR

On Valdemarsgade there's a jewelry shop called "By Nejsum", and it's amazing! The designer behind, Thea Nejsum, makes these awesome simple and clean jewelry, which is for almost any girl. Thea Nejsum has learned to make jewelry by herself, and has been making them since she was 14 years old. Today she's 35 and has come a long way since then. Today she has 3 collections in her own name, and all of them are named after the nature, which Thea is inspired by.

The shop is reflecting in her design - simple and clean, and you feel like you have this view over the shop. In the back she has her workshop, where she's making all the ideas and samples. It's great to see a creative heads office.

Go in there, and find somethong for yourself or a gift to someone special.

By Nejsum
Valdemarsgade 34
1665 Copenhagen V
+45 5188 7790

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