Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oehlenschlægersgades Fashion

Oehlenschlægersgade is overlooked by many people in Copenhagen, unfortunately. The street has the best and finest designer shops, where the designers themselves are behind the counter. I am so sorry that I had not seen the street before today. I think that I'm gonna be one of the best costumers in these shops. I really wanted to buy everything, but unfortunately I'm poor and had to settle for hearing stories behind the designs and admire the beautiful things.


Sweater/ Vision De Reve// 590 DKR
Dress/ Mania// 890 DKR
Iphone 4 covers// 99 DKR
Mania is raw retro broadly. The designer and owner Maria Pajusalo are really pleased to find her inspiration at flea markets and loves French music and film noir and this is evident in the style of Mania.

When you get into Mania you will be overwhelmed by all the colors that are in contrast to the rough wall. Neon is specifically what you pay close attention to. The jewellerys on the table gives you a need to throw you over and see what kind of quirky designs and fun earrings there is.

You can expect that the service is top in the little shop, and I know for sure that you will be happy to look at the all the colorful cases and want to buy everything from scarves to Iphone covers home. It's a great shop where you can find some good keepers to wardrobe and jewelry casket.

Oehenschlægersgade 52
1663 Copenhagen V
+45 3322 2717

aMOUSCHKA & Friends

Jewelrys/ Sowat// Bracelet 655 DKR / Rings 595 DKR
Eivine Connection earstuds/ aMouschka// 435 DKR
Chraisma necklace/ aMouschka// 1765 DKR

Mouschka is the jewelry Designer behind aMouschka, and she brought her friends into the shop as well, and you just can't help that you're fallen in love with her. She's adorable.

Mouschka is heavily inspired by the indians and their view of nature. Many of her designs have an animal that has a symbol or a quality. For example, hummingbird is "Heavenly Joy", the lion "Charisma" and the Seahorse "Harmony". There's so many sweet stories behind the jewelry and Mouschka tells them gladly.

When I asked why she picked the animals for inspiration, she said that if you're wearing a piece, the quality or symbol of the animal is integrating in you and you sort off getting the power they have.

Besides being very fond of Indian interpretation of nature, Mouschka has also ensured that a Mouschka & Friends is an ethical shop which has maked sure that the jewelry are produced in good conditions, that it is organic products or that it benefits a good purpose.

Sys Bjerre is also very fond of aMouschkas designs. She wore them in the television program "Toppen af Poppen," and besides Sys Bjerre, there are several other famous Danes wearing jewelry from the label.

Besides her own designs, aMouschka & Friends has a lot else. Organic cream from Aïny, Underwear from Under Protection and much more. Yet the store is still simple and clean.

PSSSST ... Tomorrow on 14/10 there will be 25% of all jewelry Sys Bjerre was wearing in the TV program "Toppen af Poppen".

aMouschka & Friends
Oehenschlægersgade 41
1663 Copenhagen V
+45 2277 4930 

Opening Hours:
Thu: 10.30am-6pm
Fri: 10.30am-7pm
Sat: 10-30am-4pm


Skirt/ Les Couleurs Nationales/ 950 DKR
Dress/ Sarah Sirasa Copenhagen// 1199 DKR
Top/ By Petrine L.// 749 DKR

Yolanda Hernandez who is the owner and one of the designers' behind the shop "Fien" is one of the sweetest people I ever met. I came into the store and was welcomed with open arms. I was already completely sold when I took a look in the window from outside. I was looking at this beautiful hat lying there, as Yolanda's mother made.

Fien is without doubt a store with designs that do not necessarily follow fashion trends right now, but follow the designers' own style and their passion for making clothes. It's quality and personal, and very very beautiful cases. Yolanda herself does not have much of her own design hanging on the racks
, she's making her designs by ordering, but "her girls" as she so eloquently calls them, are there and it's very beautiful things, and much of it are handmade. Together, these designers have a mission: to make what they are passionate about, namely quality and usable clothing with nice and cool details.

Yolanda does not like "the right ways" inside fashion industries and would rather go her own way, and maybe it's not the season's "must-have" 
trends which are in the store, it's still fucking fashionable and SO COOL!

In the small shop with workspace in the back room you will find knit hats, bags, jewelry and much more.

It is a store you MUST see!

Oehlenschlægersgade 11
1663 Copenhagen V, Basement to the left
+45 3379 8988 

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