Sunday, October 2, 2011

My shopping spree in Stockholm

OH MY GOD! The trip started out really badly. We missed our flight!

I had seen the time wrong, and therefore we came half an hour late. We should pay 1600DKR for new tickets. I'm still convinced that the reason we got them free in the end, was because of my tears. So we were lucky and I was happy again.

We got on the plain and started the shopping straight away when we arrived. A pair of flat shoes and I was ready. Here are some pictures from the two wonderful shopping days!

Jeans/ Reiss  Cardigan/ Acne  Blazer/ Reiss  Bag/ Alexander Wang  Leather jacket/ Hoolies Stockholm
We just arrived on this picture, so I needed to get an overview on the city. The map was my best friend. I planed a route so I knew how much time we had. Normally I'm not a planner, but I know that you can't see everything in a big city, unless you plan

 In COS to try some colors on! I love orange. So why not buy everything they have in orange? LOL! I couldn't help it. It look really cool.

Again - loved COS' orange stuff. I got to have this!

This coat was amazing. I didn't buy i though. I thought it was too long for me. I'm 177 cm tall and still don't think I'm good with too long coats.

In Acne's big shop. Loved it! It was paradise for me. I used an hour in there. Most say that Acne is one of my favorite brands, and I want everything they have. If I just could afford it.

I loooove hats, so my plan was to find a hat or two. But in the end I decided to buy it in Denmark.

Jeans/ Acne  Boots/ Shoe Shi Bar  Knit/ American Apparel  Bag/ Alexander Wang  Leather Jacket/ Hoolies Stockholm

I promised you guys a guide, so I damn will give you a guide. With my new BFF in my hands I'm on my way!

Do I, do I not? I DOOOO! Cheap jeans from Cheap Monday! Gotta love it. Got two pairs for 600DKR.

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