Saturday, September 24, 2011


1. Alexander Wang Jacket    2. Ray-Ban sunglases    3. iPad2 white    4. Sam Edelman boots   
5. Proenza Schoulder clutch    6. Alexander Wang Jacket    7. Jeffery Cambell Boots    8. Balenciaga Bag    9. One Teaspoon dress    10. Lara Bohnic shoes    11. Mulberry wallet

My wishlist is pretty expensive items, I KNOW, but, why wish for something you are sure that you can afford? Then it's not that funny, is it? I LOVE cheap tings, don't get me wrong, but H&M stuff is not what I put on my christmas wishlist. Anyways, these things is what I dream about, and I just can't get any of them out of my head. I thing I'm in love<3

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